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Beach Frills has Valentine's Day Gifts that Beat Chocolate & Flowers!

Whether you're looking for the perfect Valentine's gift for your sweetheart, or a thoughtful present for your best friend in honor of Galentine's Day, Beach Frills has got you covered!

Sadly, flowers wilt and die, and sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but chocolate contains heaps of sugar and wasted calories. Don't get us wrong... we are huge romantics, but we actually prefer those romantic gestures on days we don't expect them... the "Just because" flowers and chocolate. For Valentine's, we think it's overdone and it's time to get CREATIVE! 

Beach Frills Valentines Gift Idea to give a Beach Cover Up and Beach Bag

How about putting a little spin on your gift-shopping for this year's Valentine's Day? Every busy woman, mother, and beach babe needs a little pampering, right? Why not plan a fun day trip to a beach close-by for a romantic picnic or lunch on the water... or go ALL OUT and book a fabulous weekend getaway to an exotic island? Isn't it about time to escape the ending winter-cold? Spoiling your Valentine and Galentine is the perfect excuse to pull the trigger on booking that trip you've both longed to take. 

Couple kissing on a beach

But sometimes the best part of giving the gift is the REVEAL!!!

We love creative reveals, and we can help with this one! Buy her a fun and sexy Beach Cover-Up and a coordinating Beach Bag from our collections, and wrap these beach must-haves in a box.

Some perfect romantic options are our Floral Romance Long Sheer Kimono Beach Cover Up and our St. Tropez Round Straw Large Beach Tote Shoulder Bag:

 Beach Frills Floral Romance Long Sheer Kimono Beach Cover UpBeach Frills St. Tropez Round Straw Large Beach Tote Shoulder Bag

BONUS: This sexy sheer floral kimono can also be worn over lingerie, or to accessorize any outfit in her wardrobe.

After opening the present, reveal that she'll be needing both for the warm weekend getaway or day trip you've planned for the both of you! We think vacation is always a good idea, but looking FABULOUS on vacation is also a MUST, and tops our priority list. 

valentine's day gift wrapping 

A Beach Frills Beach Cover-Up or Beach Kimono is also a great gift in case the you're unsure of your beach babe's sizing. Beach Cover-Ups are usually loose-fitting (and so comfortable), making it painless to buy for someone else.

We also try to keep the prices of our Beach Cover-Ups reasonable, so the big-bucks can be spent on the traveling! If she has enough swimsuit Cover-Ups, maybe go with a beautiful boho-chic maxi Beach Dress. Most of our dresses are versatile and also work as Cover-Ups to throw over your swimwear as well! We love clothing pieces that are versatile, especially for traveling. 

girl walking on the beach holding hands

We hope your Valentine's Day this year is extra special, and we hope she loves your special gifts from Beach Frills. She'll know how much thought was put into the gift-selection, and it will truly show you picked them out with love and thoughtfulness.

We also strive to make sure your lovely beach babe is equipped for the warmer months ahead, with all the best beach must-haves and beach accessories. As a Valentine's Thank You from us, for a limited time, if you order more than 3 items from our store, we are throwing in our Eat Your Heart Out Bikini for free! The adorable two-piece bikini is covered in tiny little hearts and is too cute for words. 


Also be sure to check to check out our fun POP-UP COLLECTION of Valentine's dresses and outfits! If you're looking for the perfect red dress, we have it!

Beach Frills red dresses and red outfits for valentines


Beach Frills is an Online Boutique, based out of LA! We are setting out with the goal to be the one-stop shop for the FULL beach experience, for the beach babes, poolside loungers, and avid travelers who enjoy chasing the sun! 



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