We adhere to DMCA procedures for the removal of content posted by third parties that violates intellectual property rights on servers hosted by Beachfrills Store. Offenders may be banned from commenting on a website. If you believe that any content on our website violates your intellectual property rights, please fill out the form below and provide specific content details, such as:

  • We require your name, address, and electronic signature.
    Details regarding the infringing content and the URL where it can be found on our website.
    Evidence demonstrating your proprietorship of the material’s intellectual property rights.
    A statement from you affirming your good faith belief that no legal basis exists for the use of the content.
    A statement affirming the notice’s accuracy and asserting, under penalty of perjury, that you are the proprietor of the intellectual property rights or authorized to act on the owner’s behalf.

You may send us a counter-notice if we remove your posted content because of a DMCA claim. This counter-notice should include the following:

  • Your name, address, phone number, and a physical or digital signature are required.
    Identification of the substance and its location prior to removal
    A statement made under penalty of perjury that the material was mistakenly or incorrectly identified and removed.
    The subscriber consents to the jurisdiction of the local federal court, or an appropriate judicial body if located outside the United States.


When you submit a DMCA notification to us, you confirm that you have read and accepted the following statements:

*I sincerely believe that the content in the aforementioned campaign violates my or the owner’s rights, and that such use of the content is illegal.

*I affirm, under penalty of perjury, that the information provided above is accurate and truthful, and that I either own or represent the proprietor of the rights stated above.

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